E Safety Policy



It is expected that all users of the Internet, Teachers, pupils, students, parents and visitors be required to follow the conditions in this policy.

A responsible approach to resources should be shown.

All Internet activity should be appropriate to staff professional activity or the pupil’s education.

Access should only be made via the authorised account and password, which should not be made available to any other person.

Use of the Internet and facilities such as the electronic mail service are intended for educational purposes only. .Such communication should be honest, legal, decent and true. Any expression of a personal view about the school, an individual or another business in an Internet communication must be endorsed to that effect.

All users should show consideration for other users both locally and with whom they may come into contact on the Internet.

Acceptable use of the Internet

Acceptable use of the Internet is characterised when teachers ensure that the computer equipment and the Internet may only be used for legal activity consistent with the aims, objectives and rules of the school. In particular the teacher should make sure that all users are made aware of the following rules.

Conditions of Internet use

The school and governing body have adopted conditions for Internet use, which are designed to maximise use of the Internet as a learning resource and minimise unacceptable behaviour and access to unacceptable materials.

All users have been made aware of the conditions of use.

Parents, guardians and carers have been made aware of the conditions of use.

Appropriately worded copies of Conditions of Internet Use will be displayed in the ICT suites, staff room, the office and on the school web site.

All members of staff are responsible for explaining these rules and their implications.

All members of staff have been made aware of possible misuses of on-line access and their responsibility towards pupils.

The Internet policy is an integral part of the school ICT Policy. All pupils, staff and other users are required to follow the conditions laid down in the policy. Any breach of these conditions may lead to withdrawal of Internet access rights and could lead to disciplinary action and possible criminal prosecution. In the case of employees breach of the conditions may constitute a breach of conditions of service and could lead to dismissal on the grounds of misconduct. ·

Use of Internet and email facilities are intended for educational purposes only. It must be recognised that any view communicated over the Internet may be deemed to be the view of the school/governing body and in some circumstance that of the LEA. Any expressions of personal views must be cleared prior to endorsement to that effect.

Pupils are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet. Users are responsible for behaviour and communications over the network. It is assumed that all users will comply with established school standards.

Internet facilities are provided for research and communications. Parental permission is required.

Access must be deemed a privilege rather than a right.

Access requires continued demonstration of a responsible attitude and behaviour.

Internet storage areas and other stored materials are deemed to be accessible by staff whom may review files and communications to ensure responsible use.

Pupils will be guided in their Internet use towards appropriate materials.


If any breach of conditions is discovered the following sanctions may be enforced:

Temporary or permanent ban on Internet use.

Additional disciplinary action in line with school behaviour policies

Parents and other external agencies may be contacted.

Rules for using the Internet

I will only access the system with my own user login and password, which I will keep secret.

I will not access other people’s files or damage or amend their work or data.

I will only use the Internet when I have permission and/or am supervised by a teacher.

I will use the Internet only for activities and work set by the school e.g. homework, topic work.

I will only email people my teacher has approved and not use the Internet in school for personal or private messages.

I will not send anonymous email messages.

I will not send unsuitable email messages; my messages will be polite, responsible and only signed in my name.

I will only take part in Newsgroups or Chat, which has been approved, by the school.

I will respect the privacy of others. I will not publish their names, addresses, phone numbers or photographs.

I will not give my full name, home address or telephone number to anyone over the Internet.

I will not arrange to meet anyone contacted over the Internet.

I will not use work from the Internet as if it was my own. I will give credit to the sources of materials included in my work.

I will not try to find unacceptable material from the Internet.

I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me. I understand that this report would be confidential and will help to protect other pupils and myself.

I will not use school resources to subscribe to any goods or services nor buy or sell using the Internet in school. · I will not download software from the Internet.

I will not bring in floppy disks, CDs or any other electronic data from outside school unless I have been given permission.

I will not take part in any activity, which contravenes school rules or government legislation.

I understand that the school may check my files and will monitor the Internet sites I visit.

Unacceptable use of the Internet

Unacceptable use of the Internet is not tolerated. Pupils should be aware that the following activities, whilst not an exhaustive list, are unacceptable:

1. The access to or creation, transmission or publication of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, sounds, data or other material.

2. The access to or creation, transmission or publication of any data capable of being displayed or converted to such obscene or indecent images, sounds, data or other material.

3. The creation, transmission or publication of any material which can cause offence, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

4. The creation, transmission or publication of defamatory material.

5. The receipt or transmission of material such that this material infringes the copyright of another person or infringes the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1984.

6. Activity that threatens the integrity of the school ICT systems, or activity that attacks or corrupts other systems.

7. Users are responsible for all E-mail sent and for contacts made that may result in E-mail being received.

8. Use for personal financial gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising is forbidden.

9. Posting anonymous messages and forwarding chain letters is forbidden.

10. The transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material to other Net users.

11. The deliberate unauthorised access to facilities, services, data or resources via the Internet.

12. Activities with the following characteristics or could result in the following characteristics:
wasting staff or other users efforts or network resources, including time on remote systems and the efforts of staff involved in the support of those systems ·
corrupting or destroying other users data
violating the privacy of other users ·
disrupting the work of other users · using the Internet in a way that denies service to other users (for example, by overloading the connection to the network by unnecessarily, excessively and thoughtlessly downloading large image files)



















Dear Parents

Use of the Internet

As part of our National Grid for Learning initiative and pupils’ curriculum work, we are providing supervised access to the Internet. Before being allowed access to the Internet all pupils must obtain parental permission. Both you and your son/daughter are requested to sign and return the enclosed form as evidence of approval and acceptance of the school’s policy on ‘Conditions of Internet use’                                                    

Access to the Internet will enable pupils to explore thousands of libraries, databases and bulletin boards whilst exchanging messages with other Internet users throughout the world. Families should be warned that some material accessible via the Internet might contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Parents and guardians should be aware that every effort has been taken to ensure unacceptable materials are filtered out through the use of tested sophisticated filtering software.

Current Government targets have placed a high priority on Information and Communications Technology in our schools with Internet access as an integral part of this priority. Whilst our aim for Internet use is to further educational goals and objectives, pupils may find ways to access other materials as well. We believe that the benefits to pupils through access to the Internet in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration far exceed any disadvantages. Ultimately parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information sources. To that end the school supports and respects each family’s right to decide whether or not to apply for access.

During school teachers will guide pupils towards appropriate materials. Outside school families bear the same responsibility for such guidance concerning the use of Internet information sources; this can be compared to guidance concerning television, telephones, films, radio, magazine and other potentially offensive media materials.

The school has its own site on the Internet and our E-Safety Policy is available on the website which is http://www.redcastleschool.org.uk/.  A valuable aspect of the school site will be to display pupils work with relevant and appropriate captions according to the Internet policy. The enclosed form also requests your approval for such permission.

We would be grateful if you would read the enclosed guidance materials then complete and return the enclosed permission form. Access will not be granted until forms are returned.

Yours sincerely,






Internet Permission Form

Pupil name ………………………………………………………………………….

Class/group ……………………….

Please complete this form and return to         Redcastle Family School.

Pupil As a user of the Internet I agree to comply with the school’s Conditions of Use. I will use the Internet in a responsible way and observe all the restrictions explained to me. I understand that any irresponsible behaviour may result in sanctions.

Pupil signature ……………………………………………………………..

Date …………………………..


As the parent/guardian of the pupil signing above I grant permission for my son/daughter to use email and the Internet. I understand that pupils will be held accountable for their own actions. I also understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable and I accept responsibility for setting standards for my son/daughter to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information and media sources.

Parent/guardian signature …………………….…………………………..

Date ………………………

As parent/guardian of the pupils signing above I give permission for the school to publish my son/daughter’s work on the website if required. I understand that the precautions listed in the school’s Internet policy will be taken.

Parent/guardian signature …………………………………………..

Date ………………………


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