Date:November 27, 2014

Year 4

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Photo below: Thank you to parents for your continued support with homework projects. This is the latest Ancient Egyptians homework on display in the classroom.



Photos below: Practising Library Skills during Book Week



We have had a mini writing competition in Year 4. The children have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and have written short character studies about Grandma. Below are the 3 winners as chosen by Dr Sheppard.

Grandma by Lyla

I think that Grandma’s character is mean and unkind because she is always telling George to do everything because she can’t be bothered to get up. “You can make me a nice cup of tea for a start” Grandma is always nice to George when his mum or dad are home. She is really, really mean when it’s just George and her. She is a really lazy, scruffy, horrid, selfish, grumpy old lady.

Grandma`s character by Holly

I think that Grandma is a mean, unkind person because she is an old grunion of a grandma because she keeps bossing George around by telling him to make her a cup of tea. Then George made grandma some new medicine to cure her. Grandma shouted “It`s time for my medicine.” So George started to make his medicine. Grandma always sat on her chair and told George to do everything.

A summary of Grandma’s character by Oliver

I think that Grandma is a mean, unkind person because she is a nasty, old selfish lady who tells George what to do every day. When George’s mum came back, Grandma never used to be like this. Normally she used to say “How was your day today?” or “Do you want a go of snakes and ladders?” Nearly all Grandmas are nice and kind little old ladies but not this one. This one was just a grumpy old little old, wrinkled Grandma that just sat in her chair all day and kept telling George to make her a cup of tea.